Equal Opportunities Policy

SSRG Publications – SSRG Equal Opportunities Policy

This document forms part of the SSRG Constitution.


  • To ensure that every SSRG member, user, job applicant, employee or anyperson working with, or in contact with, the organisation receives fair treatment irrespective of their age, colour, disability, gender, ethnic origin, marital status, nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation, responsibility for dependents, political affiliation or membership of a trade union.
  • To ensure that the contribution of research, information, planning andevaluation work in social care and health is sensitive to this issue.
  • To ensure that SSRG promotes the equalities agenda in all its activities.


To ensure implementation of this policy throughout the organisation, the following action is required:

1. All meetings, projects, events and other activities must be carried out in accordance with the Equal Opportunities Policy. In particular:

  • a) Membership of the Executive Committee (EC) and all other committees,working groups, steering groups and interview panels should reflect and positively promote the diversity of the membership.
  • b) All project briefs, contracts, proposals and reports (both written and oral) must be prepared in accordance with the Equal Opportunities Policy.
  • c) All conference titles, publicity material and programmes must comply with the requirements of the Equal Opportunities Policy. Organisers must be able to demonstrate that full consideration has been given to the needs of the diversity of the membership in the choice of speakers, content and organisation of the event, catering, availability of transport and provision of communication aids or interpretation.
  • d) Conferences, workshops, seminars, meetings and other events shouldbe held in venues that are accessible to disabled people and free extra places should be allocated to anyone having to bring a helper. Wherever possible, and within the resources of SSRG, due consideration should also be given to:
    • subsidised places for users and carers
    • availability of childcare facilities
    • timing of events.
  • e) Events should be publicised as widely as possible to diverse groups.
  • f) Advertisements for employment purposes should be placed on the SSRGwebsite and in appropriate journals, including those most likely to be read by minority groups.

2. The EC is responsible for monitoring the activities of the organisation in relation to this policy, providing advice and taking appropriate action to promote and progress the requirements of this policy.

3. The EC, and members representing SSRG interests, should actively address equal opportunities issues and promote positive action initiatives, both internally and in partnership with other organisations.

4. The EC will monitor the membership of SSRG and use this information to recruit members to reflect the diversity of the research community.

5. The equal opportunities implications of all documents will be considered before approval by the EC.

6. Equal opportunities will be a standing item on the EC agenda.

7. The EC will review the Equal Opportunities Policy annually to assess its effectiveness and prepare and implement an appropriate action plan for the coming year.

8. The Chair’s annual report will include a separate section on action on equal opportunities.

Last updated March 2003