Events 2013

SSRG Scotland event Preventive Services across Social Care and Health: Policy, Practice, People and Possibilities* Monday 28th October CoSLA Conference Centre, Edinburgh

The aim of the day is to engage key policy makers, practitioners, researchers and other stakeholders in a workshop to consider why prevention matters and to answer the essential and complex questions about how to make it work.

PowerPoint Presentations

Colin Slasberg – The impact of eligibility criteria on prevention

Caroline Glendinning  – Home care re-ablement services: Researching effectiveness in  prevention

Carol Tannahill – The science of creating wellness 

Susan Deacon – Turning Rhetoric and Research into Reality

Joyce Armstrong, Betty Milton and Glenda Watt– Positive contributing lives as valued citizenst


SSRG Event: Telecare: does it really help people with dementia and if so, how best can it be used? 17 April 2013, Unfortunately, this event has been cancelled

SSRG Annual Workshop: Fair welfare services or farewell to services? An assessment of the funding, fitness and future of social care and related services. 11 March 2013, Coventry TechnoCentre.


This conference aimed to bring together leading thinkers from academia and local authority settings to discuss both causes and remedies, including:

  • the causes and consequences of  the austerity programme and its impact on social care services
  • what can be done to protect users  of social care services, unpaid carers and services from the consequences of austerity,
  • share areas of existing good practice

Speakers and PowerPoint presentations

This event was supported by: NIHR School of Social Care Research (SCCR)

SSRG Scotland event: Improving outcomes through integrating social care and health? 25 Feb 2013, CoSLA Conference Centre, Haymarket, Edinburgh.

Speakers from the Scottish Government provided feedback on the recent consultation and discuss the ‘direction of travel’. Some of the areas considered included:

  • What is the evidence on integration, what is working, where and why?
  • Compare and contrast the different approaches to integration
  • What needs to be evaluated in relation to integration?
  • Do the plans for integration have outcomes, indicators and aims attached?
  • What is integration expecting to achieve and how do we measure success?

Presentations available:

Alison Petch: Whose outcomes?  The impact of integration on outcomes for service users, carers and organisations

Alison Taylor and Fee Hodgkiss: Integration of Adult Health and Social Care

Chris Rainey: “20 years in 20 minutes”

Jan Baird, Director of Adult Care: Integrating Social Care and Health : Developing Measures and Evaluating Outcomes

Julie Gardiner: VOCAL (Voice of Carers Across Lothian)

Karen Barrie:  Developing Outcome Measures:Extending the Personal Outcomes Framework within Health Services

Tim Eltringham: Evaluating Integrated Services and Outcomes in East Renfrewshire

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