Research opportunity: Evaluating a multi-layered, community focused support network – Closing date 6 September 2013

This project pilots a multi-layered, community focused support network around 12 drug and alcohol service users and reports and disseminates outcomes. This is being run with DH IESD funding.  Subject to continued funding) the project will run for 3 years and requires on-going evaluation, with a final report upon conclusion. An outline of the project taken from the initial application, including our evaluation requirements is attached.

You are invited to submit a proposal, not exceeding 4 pages, stating:

  • What you feel is needed and can be supplied within the specified budget;
  • How you aim to meet the various requirements of the project, including timeframes and information needs of the various audiences
  • The CVs of those who would be involved in the work (not included in the page limit);
  • Itemised costings.

The budget for the project is as follows:

  • Year 1 (2013 – 14)             £6,500
  • Year 2 (2014 – 15)             £5,600
  • Year  3 (2015 – 16)            £8,750

Click here to read the Project Overview for potential evaluators

For further details Contact: David Jameson,  Director of Support, Tel: 07917 616720, E mail:

Published 27/08/2013 – Martin Stevens