SSRG Annual Workshop 2007 Joining-up Locally: Partnerships for Better Practice & Performance

Stamford Hall, University of Leicester

Monday 16th, Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th April 2007

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Recent government publications and enactments promote the importance of partnership working as a means of securing ‘joined up solutions’ to ‘joined up problems’ and improving outcomes for vulnerable people at local level.

In doing so, the emphasis is on statutory agencies working more closely and effectively in partnership with the private sector, the voluntary sector and with users and carers – and ensuring that those who provide services do so to the highest of standards.

This event – intended for practitioners, managers, researchers and planning and evaluation staff – will engage participants in
a range of informative sessions that will include discussion of:

  • the impact of recent legislation on practice
  • researching the politics, ethics and pragmatism of partnerships
  • local partnerships and agreements
  • developing the ‘outcomes’ and performance agenda for children and for adults
  • results based accountability and evidence informed practice
  • user-driven service evaluation

Speakers have been drawn from government departments, local authorities, improvement agencies, inspectorates, the independent
sector and academia. As usual with SSRG events, sessions are intended to stimulate discussion and encourage networking.

Details of presentations

Monday 16th April

  • The future of LAAs and LSPs
    Cath Doherty, DCLG
    Download: Presentation (168kb Powerpoint)
  • Joining up Locally – Partnerships for better practice and performance
    Nick Johnson, Social Care Association
    Download: Presentation (173kb Powerpoint)
  • Turning the curve: children’s services and outcomes based accountability
    Jacky Tiotto, Deputy Director, Government Office planning and performance support, DfES
    Download: Presentation (633kb Powerpoint)
  • Local Compacts In Action
    Paul Barasi, Compact Voice Officer
    Download: Presentation (4.2MB Powerpoint – NOTE: large file)
  • Outcome Framework Tool
    Mary Aitchison, GOAL Project Group Member; Steve Korta, LCC, HLSDO
    Download: Presentation (40kb Powerpoint)

Tuesday 17th April

  • Getting the message out there and Social care research capacity
    Allan Bowman, Chair, Social Care Institute for Excellence
    Download: Presentation (150kb Powerpoint)
  • Do health and social care partnerships deliver better outcomes for service users (and how would we know if they did)?
    Jon Glasby, Health Services Management Centre, University of Birmingham
    Download: Presentation (126kb Powerpoint)
  • Researching Partnerships: Politics, Ethics and Pragmatism
    Sue Balloch, Professor of Health and Social Care, University of Brighton
    Download: Presentation (79kb Powerpoint)
  • Research Governance Social Care in Barnsley
    Mick Stanley & Mike Bramall,Research Governance Social Care & Barnsley (R & D) Alliance
    Download: Presentation (65kb Powerpoint) | Flowchart (1.6MB Powerpoint) |Leaflet (38kb MSWord) | Application form (96kb MSWord) | Application guidance (38kb MSWord) | Risk assessment (52kb MSWord) | Risk guidance (38kb MSWord)
  • Beyond Reproach? The Impact of Regulation on Professional Practice and Conduct
    Paul Webster, Education and Inspection Manager, GSCC; Ian Johnston, Chief Executive BASW
    Download: Presentation (193kb Powerpoint)
  • The Cost Calculator for Children’s Services: Better Decision Making in Commissioning and Education Services
    Jean Soper, Loughborough University; Si Chun Lam, Coventry City Council
    Download: Presentation (3.5MBkb Powerpoint – NOTE: large file)
  • Practical Partnership: User-driven Service Evaluation
    Jeff Bashton, Jim Cowan, Chris Russell
    Download: Presentation (109kb Powerpoint)
  • In the Know: Knowledge Transfer Partnerships
    Jess McKewan, Wakefield District Council
    Download: Presentation (368kb Powerpoint)
  • Direct Payments and the Market
    David Leece, Professor of Business and Management Studies Manchester Metropolitan University;  Janet Leece, Honorary Research Fellow Staffordshire University
    Download: Presentation (68kb Powerpoint) | Table (69kb Powerpoint)
  • Shaping the Future
    Raymond Taylor, Children 1st
    Download: Presentation (1.6MB Powerpoint)

Wednesday 18th April

  • From painting by numbers to creative expression – moving commissioning to a new era
    Nigel Walker, National Lead, Commissioning Care Services Improvement Partnership
    Download: Presentation (1.44MB Powerpoint)
  • Outcomes Focussed Practice; the Paradigm shift in Public Services
    Rob Hutchinson, CBE
    Download: Presentation (870kb Powerpoint)
  • Grand Designs? Location Location?
    Tim Hind,Adviser LGA
    Download: Presentation (381kb Powerpoint)
  • Safeguarding Children: Measuring Progress And Outcomes For Children’s Safety
    Jane Cunliffe, DfES Safeguarding Group
    Download: Presentation (648kb Powerpoint)
  • Population Estimates
    Jonathan Swan,ONS
    Download: Presentation (1.96MB Powerpoint)
  • New Outcome Framework
    David Burnham and Nick Miller, CSCI
    Download: Presentation (85kb Powerpoint)
  • Evaluating the Outcomes of Health and Social Care Partnerships: the POET Approach
    Helen Dickinson, Health Services Management Centre, University of Birmingham
    Download: Presentation (281kb Powerpoint) | Case studies (30kb MSWord)
  • Boids, Butterflies and Bacteria – How Can the Insights from the New Science of Complexity Help Local Partnership Working?
    Clive Downs, Reading Council and Mike Pinnock, Hull City Council
    Download: Presentation (1.3MB Powerpoint)