SSRG Consultation – ‘Children in Need’ User Experience Survey 2005

In 2001, the Department of Health announced that all councils with social services responsibilities (CSSRs) in England should carry out nationally comparable surveys of service users’ views and experiences. The first surveys of users of social services was carried out during 2002-03 (elderly people receiving home care); the second during 2003-04 (adults with physical disabilities).

The survey for 2004-05 will focus on ‘children in need’

The Department for Education and Skills (DfES) is now responsible for monitoring children’s social services. It was proposed that a pilot user experience survey be conducted on Children in Need and Birmingham volunteered to be a pilot authority.

Click here for the full report of the Pilot CiN Survey (1297kb PDF file) carried by Birmingham Social Care and Health

For further information, please contact Paul Dolan, Adviser/Research,Birmingham Social Care and Health –

‘Children in Need’ User Experience Survey: Discussion

A number of councils in the south of England have expressed concerns over issues relating to the Children in Need User Experience survey, which all councils in England have to carry out in January/February.

SSRG has agreed to facilitate a discusssion.

A letter prepared by colleagues in Dorset on behalf of these councils can be accessed from this page – see below.

The Commission for Social Care Inspection (CSCI) has responded to some of these concerns, and their letter can also be access here.

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