SSRG Consultations – Draft DfES Guidance on Data collection on substance misuse among looked after children

The Children’s Working Group (CWG) and Technical Working Group (TWG) asked colleagues in DfES for guidance on questions to be included in the 2005-06 OC2 data collection on looked after children with substance misuse problems.

DfES agreed to draft guidance for local authorities to comment on with the aim of issuing this before the end of March.

DfES would be grateful if you could look at this and send written comments by the end of February.  These will be considered and presented to the 4th March CWG meeting.  (A more formal CWG paper will be circulated towards the end of the week, but we wanted to send this to you as soon as possible.)

Any further comments arising from this meeting will be fed into the guidance and the aim is to take this to the TWG on 17th March for final agreement.

The agreed questions for the 2005-06 looked after children outcomes data collection are as follows:

  1. The number of all children looked after for at least 12 months who were identified ashavinga substance misuse problemduring the year ending 30 September,
  2. The number of these children who received an intervention for their substance misuse problem during the year.
  3. The number of these children who were offered an intervention but who refused it.

Please send comments to Isabella Craig, 6S Sanctuary Buildings, Great Smith Street, London SW1P 3BT. Tel 020 79253802. Email:

Please can you also copy your comments to David Henderson – Email: