SSRG Previous Events – 1996

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Community Care Charters: 18th Nov 1996

The Council House, Birmingham

A day which brought together colleagues from SSD’s, Health Authorities and Housing Agencies to discuss the mechanics of producing the charter; issues relating to monitoring and development, and the principles underlying it.

Organised by SSRG NEC

Speakers: Barry Downs (Shropshire SSD); Simon Allard (SSI); Kathleen Boyle (National Housing Federation); Helen Grew (National Pensioners Convention

Outcomes in Social Care : 16th Aug 1996

The Council House, Birmingham

Organised by SSRG NEC

Speakers: Alison Petch (University of Glasgow); Roger Fuller (University of Stirling); Andrew Nocon (University of York); David Challis (PSSRU, University of Manchester); David Whyte and John Webb (Cheshire SSD); Peter Beresford (Open Services Project); Clare Evans (Wiltshire Users Network).

Fair Welfare Services or Farewell to Services?: 10th-12th April 1996

Fair Welfare Services or Farewell to Services?: Research,Policy and Planning in a Rapidly Changing Environment
University of York

How do we plan, monitor and deliver quality social and health care services via the ‘mixed economy’ which are needs-led and which have been developed through user participation…at a time when there is increasing evidence of more stringent eligibility criteria/assessment for both social security benefits and social/health care?

Organised by: Yorks and Humberside Region SSRG and NEC

Speakers:Jonathan Bradshaw and Sally Baldwin (University of York); Nigel Jones (Nuffield Institute for Health); John Rea Price (National Childrens Bureau); Marian Barnes (University of Birmingham); Paul Sutton (Consultant); Louise Garnett (Humberside SSD); Nick Miller (Norfolk SSD); Philippa Russell (Council for Disabled Children); Melanie Henwood (Independent Social Policy Analyst); Linda Fean (SSI)…. and many others!

Joint Commissioning: Reality or Reverie? 30th Jan 1996

The Council House, Birmingham

To what extent can the concept of ‘Joint Commissioning’ be translated into practice? What do we mean by ‘Joint Commissioning and who are the main stakeholders? Are the information systems in place to monitor,evaluate and review? A Holy Grail or Poisoned Chalice?

Organised by: Midland Region SSRG and NEC

Speakers: Chris Gostick (NHSE); Peter Gluckman (Lambeth,Southwark, Lewisham Health Commission); Ian White (Hertfordshire SSD); Sue Patchett (Gloucestershire SSD). Facilitated by Paul Waddington (UCE)