SSRG Previous Events – 1998

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Developing Primary Care Networks and Teamwork: The R&D Agenda

5th Nov 1998
The Beeches Management Centre, Bournville, Birmingham

Collaboration between individual care professionals and agencies is now, once again, at the leading edge of the national policy agenda. This workshop aims to identify the key issues involved in developing multi-disciplinary and inter-agency primary care networks and teamwork; to share experience derived from contemporary action-research projects on these issues and the key variables in practice; to examine the changing roles and relationships of the key occupational groups involved, with particular reference to social workers/SSD personnel, GP’s and community nurses.

Organised by: SSRG NEC and University of Central England in Birmingham

Speakers: Paul Waddington, Helen Gorman, Mike Filby, Mark Doel and Faith Webster (UCE); Steve Trevillion and David Green (Brunell University); Meg Bond (Independent Researcher); Susanne Peggs (Nottingham Community Heakth NHS Trust); Dr Colin Browne (Black Country Family Practice); Lotta MacFarlane (Sandwell Healthcare and Black Country Family Practice).

Managing the New Corporate Agenda: the Role Research and Information

23rd Oct 1998

Managing the New Corporate Agenda: the Role Research and Information at the Manchester Conference Centre, UMIST, Manchester

An event organised by the Social Services Research Group (SSRG) and the Local Authorities Research and Intelligence Association (LARIA)

To what extent are local authorities combining resources and working with other agencies and communities to identify and meet need? What are the tools at our disposal? How well informed are our elected members and senior officers? What are the ‘core elements’ of a corporate community plan? How can we identify a range of performance measures which realistically reflect the extent to which the needs in the community are being met?
LARIA and SSRG have, over the years provided a network for collating and disseminating research and information to colleagues in local authorities, health authorities, academic institutions and the independent sector. The two organisations have got together to arrange this seminar to help both those at the ‘centre’ of organisations and those in ‘service’ departments discuss these issues in the context of changes to local democracy.

SSRG Annual Workshop. Change in Social and Health Care: Researching it, Managing it, and Surviving it!

29th-30th April, 1st May 1998
The Chancellors Conference Centre, University of Manchester

The three parallel themes of the Annual Workshop are: Researching Change-the role of research in providing the effective knowledge base needed to deal with a constantly shifting environment; Managing Change-the competent and sensitive management of organisational and social change; Surviving Change- the human and psychological components of surviving change.

Organised by: Region SSRG

Speakers: David Hunter (University of Leeds); David Challis (University of Manchester); Bob Lewis (Stockport SSD); Brian Sheldon (University of Exeter); Laura McMurtie (Warrington Community Health Care Trust); John Hopton and Paul Simic (Manchester University); Pat Ball (North West Associates); Jo White (Rochdale SSD); Roger Staton (Department of Health); Harriet Ward (University of Leicester); Penny Banks (Kings Fund); Serge Ebersold (University of Strasbourg); Hazel Qureshi (University of York); Susan Balloch and Michael Turner (NISW); Hugh McLaughlin (Wigan SSD)… and many others!

Ethnic Record Keeping and Monitoring: Jan 1998

The Beeches Management Centre, Bournville, Birmingham

Ethnic Record Keepimg and Monitoring has been on the agenda of social care agencies since the late 1970’s. The development of Community Care Plans and Children’s Services Plans, as well as the new political context has renewed interest in developing, implementing and using ethnic record keeping and monitoring (ERKM) in the delivery of social and health care services. The aims of the workshop are to review the current situation with regard to the development of EKRM; explore developments in social and health care and the relevance of ERKM, and to provide an opportunity to share problems and discuss solutions.

Organised by SSRG and REU

Speakers: Jabeer Butt (REU); Hugh Harris (CRE); Jeff Chandra (Jossam Associates); Greg Phillpotts and Raymond Warburton (Department of Health); Ravinder Barn (Royal Holloway College); Andrew Rust (Shropshire SSD); Melba Wilson (Mind); Geraldine Gregg-Smith (Wiltshire SSD), Chaired by David Johnstone (Director, Stockton on Tees SSD)