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SSRG event: Improving Outcomes? The Frameworks for Adult Social Care, Public Health and the NHS – making it all work  BVSC in Birmingham on Monday 26th November.

More details are given in the original programme.

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Presentations from the event: click on the presentation titles to download PDFs of the PowerPoints from the day.

The Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework: Overview and Links with Other Frameworks.  Jennifer Byrom (ASCOF) – DH; Clare Jones (PHOF) – DH; Rachel Morton (NHSOF) – DH

The ASCOF and ZBR: Challenges Facing Local Areas. Steph Abbot – Kent CC and Louise Johnstone – Cumbria CC

Welfare Developments: The Bigger Picture (Death by PowerPoint). Jonathan Gardam – ADASS

Making Sense of the Adult Social Care Survey Data Juliette Malley – Personal Social Services Research Unit, London School of Economics

Updated 30/11/2012 Martin Stevens

40 years on: Challenges, Cuts and Consequences

Monday 18th June 2012 CoSLA Conference Centre, Haymarket, Edinburgh

Regrettably, we have had to cancel this event.

Identifying and working with families with complex needs: Policy, evaluation and good practice

Monday 2nd July 2012, BVSC – The Centre for Voluntary Action, Birmingham

The event will include:

  • An update on the government’s methodology and policy on identifying and working with families and how it links with other areas such as the recent Riot Panel report;
  • NFER’s work on identifying and targeting families in greatest need of support, including their work around PbR, health and wellbeing boards, fostering and adoption;
  • The crime prevention evidence base for early intervention in troubled families;
  • Work on mapping and/or sharing data across a wide range of organisations;
  • A practice example (‘work in progress’) of how an area is identifying and working with ‘Troubled Families’

Click here to download the Programme Click here to download the Booking Form

Identifying and working with families with complex needs: Policy, evaluation and good practice

Monday 2nd July 2012, BVSC – The Centre for Voluntary Action, Birmingham


  • Final Programme. (122kb PDF)
  • Update from the Troubled Families Team. Kevin Tinsley, Troubled Families Team, DCLG. (342kb Powerpoint) | Q&As following presentation (Word doc)
  • Messages from Research (a) : Getting into trouble with troubled families – steering the bandwagon. Paul Kiff, Real World Researchers. (1.3mb Powerpoint)
  • Messages from Research (b) : Targeting families in greatest need of support. Claire Easton, NFER. (645kb Powerpoint)
  • Electronic Information Sharing – Joining up health, social care and other partners Kathy Shilliday, Lanarkshire NHS. (3.5mb Powerpoint) | Lanarkshire eCare Review (Word)
  • Identifying and working with troubled families in practice. Bridget Kerrigan and Tony Bunker, Birmingham City Council. (5.8mb Powerpoint)
  • The British government’s Troubled Families Programme – A flawed response to riots and youth offending. Adam Fletcher lecturer in sociology and social policy, Frances Gardner professor of child and family psychology, Martin McKee professor of European public health, Chris Bonell professor of sociology and social intervention. BMJ 2012;344:e3403 doi: 10.1136/bmj.e3403 (Published 16 May 2012). (143kb PDF)
  • Ruth Levitas. There may be ‘trouble’ ahead: what we know about those 120,000 ‘troubled’ families. PSE UK, 21 April 2012. ESRC Grant RES-060-25-0052 (191kb PDF)

SSRG 40th Anniversary Annual Workshop 2012

Looking back to the future – the continuing challenges facing social care and social work

Monday 19th March 2012
BVSC – The Centre for Voluntary Action, Birmingham.

For more details, visit the Annual Workshop pages.

 Shaping the “New” Agenda for Integration, Information and Joined up Services

Monday 27th February 2012
CoSLA Conference Centre, Edinburgh

“Unless Scotland embraces a radical, new, collaborative culture throughout our public services both budgets and provision will buckle under the strain,”Commission on the Future Delivery of Public Services, June 2011

On 12th December 2011 the Scottish Government (SG) set out its plans to integrate adult health and social care.

Rather than create a new statutory organisation separate from the NHS and local authorities, SG intends to replace Community Health Partnerships with Health and Social Care Partnerships.

The new Partnerships will be the joint responsibility of the NHS and local authority.

Legislation will be introduced in 2012 following consultation with partners in the NHS, local government, the third and independent sectors and professional bodies.

This event will give delegates the opportunity to ‘influence the agenda’

Speakers from SG, Local Authorities, academia, regulators and health will discuss the developing policy agenda, look at evidence form research and inspection, and share existing good practice.

Speakers confirmed are:

  • Alison Taylor or Kathleen Bessos, Scottish Government
  • Tom Forbes and Robin Fincham, University of Stirling
  • Alison Petch IRISS
  • Angela Canning, Audit-Scotland
  • Lynne Porteous, Edinburgh City Council  
  • Peter Macleod, President Elect, ADSW

Attendance at this event can be used as evidence of continuing professional development and ‘certificates of attendance’ will be provided (on request) for your CPD portfolio.


Programme of the day

Integration of Adult Health and Social Care.  Alison Taylor. Scottish Government. Download Powerpoint.

Looking Back to the Future: Integrating Health and Social Care In Troubled Times. Tom Forbes & Robin Fincham, Stirling Management School. Paul Williams, Cardiff Metropolitan University. Download Powerpoint.

Community Health Partnerships. Angela Canning. Audit Scotland. Download Powerpoint.

An evidence base for the delivery of adult services. Alison Petch. IRISS. Download Powerpoint.

Lanarkshire Data Sharing Partnership. Electronic Information Sharing. Kathy Shilliday. Lanarkshire eCare. Download PDF.

Joint Health and Wellbeing Unit. Elizabeth Smart. Dumfries and Galloway Health and Wellbeing. Download Powerpoint.

Shaping the “New” Agenda for Integration, Information and Joined up Services. People First. Peter McLeod. Vice President. Association of Directors of Social Work. Download Powerpoint.

Total Craigroyston. Service Integration and Redesign. Lynne Porteous. Christine Mackay. The Edinburgh Partnership. Download Powerpoint.

The Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and Health and Wellbeing Strategies: Challenges and Choices

Monday 30th January 2012
Banqueting Suite, the Council House, Birmingham

The Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) has been a statutory duty since 2007. JSNAs have come in a variety of shapes and sizes, some very quantitative, some qualitative; some single overview, others deep dive on thorny topics.

The Health and Social Care Bill proposes to reinforce this by making the JSNA drive commissioning. It will also need to inform Health and Wellbeing Strategies, and be meaningful not just for Local Government and current NHS commissioners but for the more distributed commissioning environment of the future, such as the NHS Commissioning Board (NHSCB) and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs).

This event will address some of the challenges – and choices – facing local areas as they prepare JSNAs, for example:

  • What do we want the JSNA to do for us locally?
  • What type of framework do we use? (eg LGID JSNA toolkit; Marmot Outcomes framework; hybrid local frameworks)
  • What is the place of user and carer voice in the JSNA?
  • How closely is the JSNA process aligned to commissioners?
  • How do we make it meaningful for CCGs?
  • Is it just health and social care or must it reflect wider ambitions?

We aim to address these issues and also identify some good practice and answers to choices that local areas may be able to share.

Speakers have been confirmed form

  • Department of Health,
  • Local Government Association,
  • Public Health,
  • Local Authorities and
  • the Independent Sector

Fees: SSRG members £125; Others £185

Download event programme.


  • Draft statutory guidance on Joint Strategic Needs Assessments (JSNAs) and joint health and wellbeing strategies. 184kb Powerpoint.
    Freya Lock – JSNA & JHWS Development lead, Department of Health.
  • Using the Data Inventory – Local Perspective.  323kb Powerpoint.
    Jacqueline Clay, West Sussex Public Health.
  • Overview of the JSNA Data Inventory. 2mb Powerpoint. 2mb Powerpoint
    Paul Brotherton, Freelance consultant in public health.
  • The Baton Change: A Combined Approach. JSNA and Health and Wellbeing Strategies: Challenges and Choices. 557kb Powerpoint.
    Tania Townsend, Chair of the SSRG Children’s Committee.
  • A Foot in the Door: engaging housing organisations in JSNA and JHWS. 5mb Powerpoint
    Ed Harding, HK Consulting. For the Northern Housing Consortium
  • JNSA – Developing shared approaches to improving health and reducing inequalities  1mb Powerpoint
    David Stacey, Programme Manager for Public Health, Lincolnshire County Council
  • Marmot in Practice 5mb Powerpoint
    Jim McManus, Joint Director of Public Health, Birmingham City Council and NHS
  • What does good JSNA look like? 25k Word.